The seeds of our origin were sown when our founder Advocate Anant Ramchandra Patil saw the plight of people in and around Kharghar in case of medical emergencies. There was a constant dearth of medical professionals with affordable services. As technology improved, the need for super specialists grew at a steady pace. With this thought in mind, he began working on the fruition of his idea of providing a multi-speciality hospital to the people. His children also shared the same vision with equal zest, thus making them excellent doctors in their respective fields.

Today A R Patil Multi speciality Hospital Pvt Ltd is a secondary care centre dedicated to provide top quality healthcare services at affordable rates. Our core values are built around the idiom of ‘patient first’ and each of our consultants is a human care expert, going above and beyond the call of duty as they believe each life is precious. We have engaged the best brains of healthcare industry in respective departments to deliver the finest services to our patients.

Situated in the heart of Kharghar city, A R Patil multi-speciality hospital provides emergency, recovery and rehabilitative care to patients along with consultation and diagnosis. We have state of the art modular operation theatre along with top notch equipment and infrastructure to aid our doctors in their pursuit of excellence. Availability of round the clock pharmacy, pathology, radiology and canteen services make the patient’s stay in the hospital extremely comfortable
With a patient centric approach and patient’s safety on priority, along with advanced healthcare facilities, we strive to raise the standards of healthcare facilities in Kharghar.